2021 Best Air Purifier for Pets Guide for Pet Dander, Odors and Hair

2021 Best Air Purifier for Pets Guide for Pet Dander, Odors and Hair

What is the best air purifier for pets? There are three!
1) Best overall: Winix HR900
2) Cheapest for pet hair: Hamilton Beach TrueAir
3) Good for germs: Germ Guardian AC4825

If you want a good air purifier for cats, dogs, and other pets, you can’t go wrong with either of these units or the other models listed below.

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*** Top Air Purifiers for Pet Allergies, Odor and Hair ***

1) Winix HR900 (best overall)
2) Hamilton Beach TrueAir (cheap for pet hair)
3) Germ Guardian AC4825 (good for germs)
4) Rabbit Air MinusA2 (most customizable)
5) IQAir HealthPro Plus (best for allergies)
6) AIRMEGA 400S (largest air purifier)
7) Medify MA-40 (large room purifier)
8) Winix 5500-2 (good for general use)
9) Hathaspace HSP001 (good for dander, hair and germs)
10) Levoit LV-PUR131 (good value)
11) Levoit Vista 200 (personal pet air purifier)

*** More Resources ***

View our full (and FREE) pet air purifier buying guide:

It goes more in depth about the top features to look for in an air purifier for pet owner:
– True HEPA Filter (for capturing pet dander)
– Activated Carbon Filter (for removing pet odors)
– UV-C Light (for destroying bacteria and viruses)
– And reveals more info on the best air purifiers for pets covered in the video

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