Warning! The Truth About Cockatoos

Warning! The Truth About Cockatoos

Hello Buddies,
*some more important information about Cockatoos:*
* Cockatoos live very long life, up to 70 years if they are treated the right nutritious way.
* As a pet, the sad fact about cockatoos is that in their very long life most of them go from owner to owner because most people can’t handle their interesting and unique personality.
* They are smart as a five year old child and their understanding is the same as a five year old child.
* So while they change between owners, they understand everything they go through! imagine a five year old going from parents to a care house and then some other parents, it’s very traumatic for them and makes them aggressive.
That is exactly why this video was made.
* While they are ready to mate, males tend to become very aggressive and can accidentally bite their own owners.
Sometimes they can even kill their mate.
* If you live in an apartment, think well about the Cockatoos scream and how they might affect your entire building.
Some say the Cockatoos scream is as high as a jet engine.
* In this video we talked about most species of Cockatoos, but take to mind that there are many species, some are calmer and some are more aggressive.
* In nature Cockatoos are always with their flock, so as a pet he requires a lot of attention.
Make your actual research before getting a Cockatoo!

Thank you for watching!

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