How to Make Asparagus and Bok Choy Frittata

How to Make Asparagus and Bok Choy Frittata

This episode of Biblio Bistro features Asparagus and Bok Choy Frittata which highlights fresh asparagus, bok choy, and locally raised eggs. Asparagus is seasonally available in late spring to early summer and bok choy is usually available at Farmers Markets in early-to-mid-summer through early fall.

Frittata is a great one-pan meal that can be eaten at breakfast, lunch, or dinner! Frittata is essentially a crustless quiche, typically containing a combination of veggies, cheese, and/or meat.

In total, this recipe was only $2.70 to prepare, or $0.68 per serving! Because we used eggs from Michael’s chickens, we calculated our eggs as free of charge. If purchasing eggs from the store, the recipe is $4.95 to prepare, or $1.24 per serving.

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