Restoring and Improve Your Vision Naturally With One Lesson

Restoring and Improve Your Vision Naturally With One Lesson

Go to my website at I tell you more details on the techniques I used, my progress and you can see my journal about my experiences, all in my Free Basic Journey Guide.

Update: As of August 2020 I no longer wear glasses as I have learned to clear my vision perfectly over 90% of the time. I’m still stabilizing double vision, but that gets easier each day. I’ve learned to relax to keep my vision clear no matter what the distance is and believe vision issues are really due to mental blocks. You can sign up for my free basic journey guide and find out more about how I did this at I’m closer than I’ve ever to being to 20/20 permanently.

** Older Update: When I posted this video, my prescription was -3.25 left and Right -2.75. As of March 15, 2019, I was -2.00 in both eyes! My goal is to be glasses free in 2-3 more months.

I now understand how I lost my vision and know exactly how to restore it using a simple technique. I have myopia and I’ve realized that myopia is mental and not medical.

While this video is older and I’ve discovered how to really accelerate your vision progress even faster, using your peripheral still applies. I further explain an even faster approach in the next video in the series. I also realized the similarities between Active Focusing and Bates Method Swinging. Find out more here:

More info here:


Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional, and I don’t have all the answers to every eye problem out there. If you have some serious eye conditions, then seek medical help for that. I’m just a guy who figured something out that is correcting my vision problems that I’ve lived with for over 35 years.

If you send me questions or comments like; will this work for me or I have a prescription of …. Can you fix…. Or my eye doctor said this doesn’t work, etc, I will probably not respond. I’m also not going to respond to debates on the bates method or other natural vision correction. I know what is working for me and I’m only sharing what I’m experiencing with others, so they too can be glasses free if they choose. I can honestly say the first time you experience crystal clear vision without your glasses you’ll want to work even harder so it is clear all the time.