Get a Bee's Eye View of the Winter Park Honey Apiary and learn more about our honeys.

Get a Bee's Eye View of the Winter Park Honey Apiary and learn more about our honeys.

See the Winter Park Honey Apiary and learn about all of our honeys. Winter Park Honey has gourmet and medicinal honeys. We have honey for arthritis, allergies, COPD, asthma, heart health and more Learn about how our allergy honey can help you reduce and/or eliminate your allergy symptoms.

Find out how our arthritis honey with turmeric and cinnamon can help relieve your arthritis pain.

Find our about raw buckwheat honey and all of the other raw honeys available from Winter Park Honey.

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At Winter Park Honey our honey is Raw, Natural, Unfiltered, Unprocessed and Organically produced. Our honey comes to you straight from the comb to the bottle. We don’t heat our honey so the natural goodness that the bees work so hard to put in the honey stays there. We don’t use filters or strainers so our honey is loaded with all of the goodness that nature intended.
Winter Park Honey is a family owned honey company that has grown steadily since 2006. It all started from a gift of a beehive back in 1998. The gift of one beehive grew to two and quickly became hundreds. We initially provided honey for free to our neighbors and friends, but as our passion for beekeeping grew, we began selling the honey at the Winter Park Farmer’s Market. We got our name from that very first market. We now sell honey all over the world.
Quality and customer service are important to us. Since starting the company, we have had the opportunity, as a family, to build a cabin in Winter Park, Colorado. Although we primarily have residence near Winter Park, Florida, we spend our summers at our cabin in Colorado. Through our travels we meet many beekeepers and we love sharing all of the delicious, gourmet honeys that we find with our customers.