$1.88 Per Serving (Blackened Shrimp n Grits) NO Wheat, NO Eggs, NO Soy, NO Dairy

$1.88 Per Serving (Blackened Shrimp n Grits) NO Wheat, NO Eggs, NO Soy, NO Dairy

This week we are preparing one of my all time favorites, Blackened Shrimp and Grits. We substitute butter with olive oil in this recipe for preparing the shrimp. We also, substitute milk with chicken broth in preparing the grits. You will never know, it is delicious 🙂


1 LB shrimp ~$6
1.5 tsp favorite Cajun seasoning
1 tsp brown sugar
4 serving grits ~.50
1 can chicken broth ~$1.00
(for this video, I made just 2 serving of grits for my wife and myself; If I was making 4 serving I would just add enough water to the chicken broth to equal 2 cups of liquid).
Olive oil to cover bottom of pan

* Blackening shrimp, or any food cooked in this matter, is not good for non-stick coated pans, it can ruin the coating, I recommend a cast iron skillet.


1.Thaw shrimp
2. Mix seasoning and toss with shrimp, set aside
3. Heat olive oil in pan until start of smoke point
(I recommend a well ventilated kitchen)
4. Add shrimp and arrange in a single layer.
5. Sear shrimp roughly 2-3 minutes each side.
6. Remove shrimp and let rest wrapped in foil.
7. Prepare grits using chicken broth for the liquid.
(These cook really fast so shrimp is not endanger of getting cold)
8. Serve; goes great with sliced tomatoes and garnished with green onion.

This makes 4 large servings for roughly $7.50 that’s about $1.88 per serving.

Cheers and Enjoy!!!

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Please, if you are strictly following the no dairy, no wheat, no eggs, and no soy diet; be sure to double check your labels. Different variations of products can exist in different parts of the country or world and company’s change ingredients of products all the time. We do our best to show food allergy friendly recipes along this dietary guideline, for those who need to avoid these certain foods. We can not be responsible for mistakes on anyone’s part. We cook this way because this diet is recommended for certain auto-immune diseases and because a large population of people have sensitivities to these ingredients. Thanks again 🙂