Lichen Planus – Burning Mouth Symptoms | Causes | Treatment

Lichen Planus – Burning Mouth Symptoms | Causes | Treatment

Lichen Planus patients have been visiting our office much more frequently. Dr. Nemeth feels that people should educate themselves about the cause of their burning mouth syndrome because sometimes people might not even know they have it.

Typically it’s seen as white patches along the gums, or on the inside of the mouth. If your mouth is burning, or sore, it may be due to oral Lichen Planus.

Oral Lichen Planus can also progress into a much more severe case of Erosive Lichen Planus that some studies have shown to be related to oral cancer.

Through years and years of observing different patients with oral Lichen Planus, Dr. Nemeth feels that it can be caused by environmental factors such as chemicals or certain kinds of pesticides.

We want to ensure that if you are having any symptoms of burning mouth that you seek a professional opinion or treatment.

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