Three Allergy Friendly Chutney You Must Try

Three Allergy Friendly Chutney You Must Try

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Today is all about chutneys, from savory to sweet you will fall in love with the flavors they add to your meals. Chutneys are typically vegan, since they are made with veggies, fruits, herbs, vinegars, and sugar, however, not all of them are going to be allergy friendly, as in some cases people add nuts.

The date and onion chutney, the sweet mango chutney, and the mint chimichurri recipes I shared in this tutorial are completely nut free.

If you are new to IPINKIT, my name is Ingrid and I’m a vegan with food allergies. I’m allergic to soy, gluten, nuts, eggs, dairy, shellfish, and most legumes apart from beans. Therefore, within my travel vlogs and top 8 allergen free recipes I love to share that is possible to live your best life, despite the allergy diagnosis.

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