Alpha Gal with Renee Woodford

Alpha Gal with Renee Woodford

All about Alpha-Gal allergy with Renee who was bitten by the tick September 2021. How she copes and eats now. The video is full of tips and tricks and a very basic description of what it is.
0:00 Introduction
0:57 What is Alpha Gal (and why the odd name)?
1:52 Renee’s Story
6:00 Renee’s carnivore diet before the tick bite
9:25 Deciding to stay carnivore and eat poultry, eggs and fish
10:02 Safe, tasty food that is satisfying
15:11 2 meals a day and OMAD
16:56 Can people recover and eat red meat again, SAAT acupuncture etc
17:49 Practical tips about epipens and prevention
19:35 Blood tests and regular check ups, things to be aware of, such as smells and meds
20:21 My fish allergy that cleared up
21:05 How to contact Renee
22:43 Blooper

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Alpha-Gal Syndrome (AGS) is a tick-borne illness that causes a delayed potentially severe allergic reaction to eating mammalian red meat like beef, pork (including bacon!), deer and lamb, and mammalian byproducts like certain medications, medical supplies, soaps, lotions, etc.

Today we are talking with Renee, who contracted the illness 2 months ago in September while on a trail walk in the Ozark mountains of Arkansas.

Renee shares what her life was like before AGS, how she contracted it, and how her life has been changed as a result. She doesn’t have a typical story. She was thriving on the Carnivore way of eating before she was bitten. Did she give up? Did she take the advice of many who said she should start eating vegan? No. Instead, she is determined to continue to thrive on Carnivore and document her journey.

If you have Alpha-Gal Syndrome and are curious about the Carnivore way of eating, or think you need to give it up because of your diagnosis, be sure to watch. If you just have an aversion to red meat and are looking for alternatives, this is for you, too! You can follow Renee’s journey as an #alphagalcarnivore on her Instagram @carnivore.mimi. She also started a blog at (still under construction but be sure to subscribe for more in-depth content as it’s published)