Are There Molds That Are More Indicative of a Structural Problem? | Atlanta Toxic Mold Attorney

Are There Molds That Are More Indicative of a Structural Problem? | Atlanta Toxic Mold Attorney

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In this video, Atlanta Toxic Mold Attorney Carson Jeffries and Richard Johnson answer, “Are There Molds That Are More Indicative of a Structural Problem?”.

Carson Jeffries: Good morning, I’m Carson Jeffries with the Mold Firm and I’m here today with long-time friend and owner of Air Allergen & Mold Testing.

Richard Johnson: My name is Richard Johnson and I’m the President/CEO of Air Allergen & Mold Testing.

Yes, absolutely, things like blue claydium, trichoderma, chaetomium, and stachybotrys, those are all associated with deterioration of the drywall and other materials in the home associated with high water activity. So when we see those, we know that there’s more likely to be some kind of a health risk in that home than other things.

Carson: Okay, so what I’m understanding generally is, there’s a lot more that homeowners should be concerned about than just your basic black mold.

Richard: Well there really is. And it really leads into another area of indoor air quality, which is indicative, or we find when we find the deteriorating conditions, is that we find a lot higher particulate count in the air of things like cellulose materials that comes as a result of the drywall becoming deteriorated and putting materials out into the air. And high background particulate levels can be just as much of a respiratory problem than the mold spores themselves.

Exposure to Toxic Mold or Black Mold can be extremely dangerous to your health and those around you. It can occur in homes, schools or other buildings with chronic dampness, water intrusion, poor construction, or high humidity and may or not be visible.

Toxic Mold regularly develops as a result of inaction on behalf of building owners, landlords, contractors. You should not have to suffer the consequences of Mold problems because of someone’s negligence.

Our Mold Remediation law firm will quickly assess your situation to determine the proper course of action. We will address the medical issues, the property damage, handle claims for construction defect, claims for landlord / homeowners association maintenance failure as well as zoning violations. We will work to get you the compensation you deserve.

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