Top 10 CRAZIEST Food Allergies!!

Top 10 CRAZIEST Food Allergies!!

Top 10 CRAZIEST Food Allergies!! From everyday candy to your favorite foods…stay tuned to number 1 to find out 10 things you might be allergic to!

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Number 10: Gluten.
If you’ve talked with a lot of people, you’ll know doubt hear one of them ask, when ordering food, “Is this Gluten-Free?” Which begs the question, “What is Gluten?” Gluten is a protein, one that is found in all sorts of things, but primarily, bread and bread-like products. Wheat, Barley, Rye, and more all have Gluten, which means that there are many foods in the world that have Gluten in them. And sadly, there are many people in the world who can’t eat these items. I actually know quite a few.
You might be thinking, “What’s the big deal?” Well, like all allergies, eating a Gluten item when you’re not supposed to can lead to disastrous things. My friend told me that when she eats things with Gluten, her throat swells up. So she has to be very careful about what she eats.
While this wasn’t the biggest issue with people back in the day, now, it’s a real cause of concern, due to changes in food processing. So now you’ll find that grocery stores, restaurants, and more serve “Gluten-Free” items so that the people who are allergic to it (or just can’t eat it for other reasons) won’t get sick.
Still not convinced that this is a bad thing to be allergic too? Here’s a list of things you can’t eat if you’re Gluten intolerant or allergic: Bread, pasta, certain seasonings, crackers, certain salad dressings, condiments, chicken broth, soy sauce, and so much more. Feel bad for these people now?
Number 9: Red Meat
For me personally, there is few things better than having a nice solid cheeseburger, regardless of whether it’s from a hometown restaurant or even McDonalds. But, sadly, not everyone can enjoy those, for some people are allergic to red meat of any kind.
Now, ironically, you can have this allergy from birth, you can get this allergy via another allergy, and arguably worst of all, you can actually get this allergy later on via a tick bite. Now that’s a scary thought, huh? Because this particular allergy is so rare, people sometimes have a hard time identifying it at first. Which makes sense given all the things that people can be allergic to. However, the culprit in red meat seems to be a sugar called Alpha-Galactose.
You might be wondering, “If you’re allergic to one meat, can you be allergic to all of them?” Yes, you can, but there have also been cases of people just being allergic to one type of meat, and not the others, it’s very much a case-by-case basis. And again, it’s so rare, that it’s hard to put a finger on it all.
I’m personally glad I don’t have this allergy, and I know many members of my family are glad too.
Number 8: Sesame Seeds.
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Here’s an allergy that you likely didn’t even think was possible to be allergic to: Sesame Seeds.

Yeah, those things you put on burgers, salads, and other foods to add a little flavor or texture is actually something that part of the population can’t eat at all, or else they will have an allergic reaction. Here’s the twist though. Only .1% of the entire worlds population is allergic to Sesame Seeds, talk about rare.
Now, unlike foods such as red meat, you might think it would be easy to avoid this allergy. And in a way, it would be, for you can make sure you don’t get foods with then on it. However, there are many places and food companies that use Sesame Seeds as their oil base product, and this extract can trigger the same effects as full-on Sesame Seeds.
So in this case, it would be a much higher risk of allergy attack if you’re not looking at the ingredients list of every product that you buy.
Number 7: Hot Dogs.
Oh the humanity, how is this an allergy? Sadly, it is, and could you imagine if this allergy sprung onto one of those people who do the hot dog eating contest every year? Yeah, it would get ugly really quick.
But let me ask you something. What about the hot dogs makes people allergic to them? Here’s a hint, it’s not the meat themselves. Give up? It’s the nitrates. What do nitrates have to do with hot dogs? Well, like a lot of foods, hot dogs go through numerous processes in order to be made “whole”. One of these processes is having nitrates put into them to give them a certain color and to make them “taste better”.
It’s completely legal, most of the times harmless, and they really do get the job done. But, these nitrates also activate an allergic reaction with people and thus can be very dangerous to them.