The Truth About Tilapia Revealed

The Truth About Tilapia Revealed

Not all fish are created equal, and one of the types you’ve probably heard a lot about is tilapia. It’s definitely not one of the highly sought-after types of fish, and you’ve probably heard that it’s bad for you, for various reasons. But how much of it is true?

Today, tilapia is fished, farmed, and raised all over the world, but according to Berkeley Wellness, the fish originated in the Middle East and Africa was once known for being a food fit for a pharaoh. According to the Southern Regional Aquaculture Center, depictions of tilapia have been found on the walls of ancient Egyptian tombs, suggesting they weren’t just an important part of diets around 3,000 years ago, but they were important enough to be immortalized.

And if you’re familiar with the biblical story about Jesus making just a few loaves of bread a few fish into a meal for 5,000 people, The New York Times says scholars believe those fish were most likely tilapia.

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