Allergy Center Pakistan complete details

Allergy Center Pakistan complete details

Allergy Center Pakistan complete details. پرچی کہاں سے بنے گی؟ ٹیسٹ فیس کتنی؟ ویکسین فیس کتنی؟ کونسی اشیا ٗ لے کر جانی چاہیے؟ کتنے بجے رش کم ہوتا؟ ڈاکٹر سے کیا پوچھنا ضروری ھے؟ This 3:52 minutes vid shares vaccine schedule, complete instructions, original pics, pictorial elaboration of the center and all its processes. It provides info both for a new and an old patient.
center name, area, schedule, requirements, and all other relevant essentials are being discussed in just 3:52 minutes video
Allergy Center Pakistan is situated in Chak Shahzad Islamabad. It is open from 8am to 4pm with 1pm to 2pm break time. First there are two counters, one for new patients and the other for old patients. The first asks for your CNIC and gives you a green coloured page printed with your name reg no. and all other details about the types of allergies, their tests, and prohibitions. He is then asked to visit one of the doctors who marks the type of allergy and the test required for that. He has to submit the test fee first and then he will be allowed to go for the test in the test-room mostly room # 11. The doctor who conducts the test will ask him to wait for 20 minutes before visiting the next doctor. After 20 mins doctor will check and confirm whether you are suffered from any allergies or not? If you are victim of any of them, he will recommend a vaccine for its treatment. He( the patient ) will have to submit the vaccine fee this time which is mostly 500 Pakistani Rupees first. He would then be able to get the vaccine from the window of room #12 in the backside of the building. Along with the vaccine, he will be given an instruction page having all the instructions about how to use this vaccine. The most important part of it is that on the backside of this page there is an image of a syringe labeled with the doses the patient had to intake every progressing week.
This vaccine would not be kept in its pure and healthy form unless and until it is stored in below 4 degree Centigrade temperature. Therefore, patients who come from far away areas, tend to buy a water storing bottle and some ice from the hospital canteen which is again worth nearly 500 Rs.
In this video this is especially recommended to bring that bottle from the hometown so that most people can save some money.
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