Minimalist Christmas Decor | Realistic Minimalists

Minimalist Christmas Decor | Realistic Minimalists

Creating a simple minimalist Christmas look is super easy with these tips. You need to evaluate why you are doing it in the first place? Do you want it to look cleaner? Give you more time away from cleaning? Next, you’ve got to declutter and put away your normal decor, then put out only what is important to you & what you think looks good. Want the Scandinavian look? I’ve got you covered!

Check out the video for the rest of the tips for creating a much simpler minimalist Christmas look.


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I am Robyn, a minimalist homeowner, minimalist gardener, and cook! I am also a nurse and mom of three!

These videos are all about supporting people to get peace by minimizing excess clutter in life and developing efficient habits so they can finally relax and recharge at home.

I practice No Dig and Square Foot Gardening year round. I find gardening is a great stress reliever that provides nutritious food for me and my family.

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