Salvadoran Dairy Free Coconut Ice Cream with Strawberry Syrup

Salvadoran Dairy Free Coconut Ice Cream with Strawberry Syrup

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Today’s recipe is super simple, but brings me back to my childhood. When I lived in El Salvador, I used to eat coconut ice cream with strawberry syrup after school. My grandpa would pick us up and treat us to this delicious dessert.

When I developed my dairy allergy, my goal was to be able to bring back to my diet some of the delicious treats I grew up eating. Today’s turn is this coconut ice cream which is dairy free, this is honestly a healthier version to the one sold in El Salvador as it’s made with fruits and no weird additives. If you are vegan or follow a dairy free diet, prepare to add this recipe into your easy snacks to make at home.

Specially right now that summer is approaching and it’s getting hotter, we can enjoy delicious vegan nice cream. If you happen to have a coconut allergy, you can easily substitute the coconut by any fruit you want just ensure that it frozen before hand.

The strawberry syrup is easy to make and it’s a Salvadoran staple for our sorbetes de carreton. This is an easy way to make it and you can easily change the strawberries for any other fruit you may want, so the possibilities to make homemade dairy free ice cream at home are endless!

If you got a wheat allergy, peanut allergy, soy allergy, and tree nut allergy, this recipe is safe and you can easily substitute for your favorite plant based milk. I hope you love this recipe and don’t forget to share with me which toppings you typically add to your ice cream if any.



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