Type-1 diabetic | no insulin | vegan keto diet | best diet for Type-1 diabetes

Type-1 diabetic | no insulin | vegan keto diet | best diet for Type-1 diabetes

I’ve been a type-1 diabetic for over 20 years now. I’ve been on injectable insulins for about 19 years, but I’ve taken myself off all insulin because my body can no longer tolerate it. All medicines have side effects. The injectable insulins contain phenols which cause nerve damage.

My nerve damage became so severe that I could no longer work, sleep, and had trouble functioning due to severe, burning pain in my fingers and toes. I was losing my hair, my lips became severely chapped, the skin under my lower lip turned into a painful rash, sunlight caused painful flare-ups in my feet and hands, I could no longer tolerate salt or spicy foods, and showers became a source of additional pain.

A few weeks after stopping insulin, most of those problems went away, but permanent damage may have already been done. I haven’t taken any insulin in the past 62 days and counting, but it hasn’t been easy.

In this video I show what my blood sugar is first thing in the morning, what foods I eat on my vegan keto diet, which supplements I take (iron: ) what exercises I do, how long I exercise, and what my blood sugar reading is in between meals. I credit my low carb meals, my low-carb vegan plant-based diet with healthy fats from nuts, seeds, and avocado; plus exercise for keeping my blood sugar in a healthy range, all without insulin medication.

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