Health benefits of Birch sap

Health benefits of Birch sap

What Are The Health Benefits Of Birch Sap?

Perhaps the most important health benefit of birch juice is its hydrating properties. It has been used historically as a diuretic, and claimed to have “cleansing” and “detoxifying” properties for this reason.

Listed below are a few other health benefits that birch sap has been claimed to have:

* Promotes good digestion and reduces bloating
* Helps strengthen the immune system
* Has anti-cancer properties
* Aids weight loss
* Supports heart health by keeping cholesterol levels under control
* Reduces joint pain
* Helps maintain oral health
* Promotes wound healing
* Optimizes kidney and liver health
* Prevents kidney stones
* Protects against gout

It can only be collected once a year, around early spring, before the leaves start appearing. As the sap will change in flavor the later the trees are tapped, harvesting is only a short one-month period.

The beauty of birch sap is that it leaves the birch trees unharmed, allowing them to continue growing through the rest of the year.

What happens during the summer, fall, and winter is what gives birch sap its incredible health properties.
The trees soak up nutrients from the sun and soil in the summer to prepare themselves for hibernation in the fall.
During this time, they store all the nutrients in the form sap in their roots. The birch trees retain this sap throughout the cold winter.
Then comes spring again, and the beginning of birch tree tapping season.

Birch sap is loaded with a number of amino acids, minerals, enzymes, proteins, antioxidants, and vitamins.
Like coconut water, it’s got detoxifying properties, making birch water an effective solution for headache
Birch sap is great in smoothies, and effective as a post-workout hydrator thanks to its electrolytes.
Birch juice is low in calories and high in antioxidants

Once you’ve finished collecting the birch water, it can be consumed immediately. You can store it in glass bottles and keep it in the refrigerator. Birch water ferments quickly, so you should drink it within a few days of tapping.

There have not been any reported negative effects from consuming birch tree sap. However, those with allergies to birch should avoid drinking it.

It is important to tap birch sap from trees that aren’t young but neither old, and personally I would recommend to tap no more than a liter for every tree.