How to make green smoothie recipe for healthy brain (nut allergens) + benefits// Sharper memory.

How to make green smoothie recipe for healthy brain (nut allergens) + benefits// Sharper memory.

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How to make green smoothie recipe for healthy brain, immune and memory + full recipe and benefit special recipe for those who are allergic to nuts and are diary intolerant.

Do you want super brain + immune boost? Here is a mental health super food “Green Smoothie hack” Full recipe/ that will help you to simply maintain a strong brain and sharp memory as you age with no chemical or artificial content worries.

This is not a swift process, It is a process that you need to make a habit and see it take gentle effect working with the natural compounds your body system releases to make your body function more effectively.
Think about it it this way, Driving a car without lubricating the engines, you know exactly what the result will be. This is exactly what the plant chemical compounds produced by these fruits blended together does to your system to help your body function super effective.

If you try it, please do me a huge favor and comment how it made you feel at the comment section and what you think about it?.

Let natural organic food be your medicine because you are what you eat.

In this video, i showed you a great smoothie hack that i had been drinking for years that not only will improve your brain health but also promotes healthy heart and skin due to the other vitamins contained in ginger and lemon specifically.

Helps fight stress, Depression, anxiety, brain fog, Increases concentration, Helps you relax and get better sleep, Combats inflammation, Alzheimer and blood clot while still supporting immune system.

This is brought to you in support to mental health and wellbeing.

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If you have not started trying this, please start and thank me later. Even a glass a week will make an impact.

You can alternate the fruits to suit your body metabolism incase you have allergy for any of the products i used. These all works perfectly for me.


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Anyways, Here is time code incase you want to select the chapters to listen to but i will be pleased if you watch or listen to the end:

0:00 Intro
1:05 Ingredients and benefits – Kiwi
1:36 Cucumber
2:10 Dates
2:34 Ginger chunk
3:02 Lemon slice
3:32 water
3:53 Blending and ready to drink.

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