Allergy to paved roads!︱Cross Training Adventure

Allergy to paved roads!︱Cross Training Adventure We zigzag all over the map with this one day adventure ride, linking up every single bit of dirt road or track we can to stay off sealed roads! Yep, we have an allergy to paved roads. Who wants to ride that black stuff if they have an adventure bike… Welcome to Cross Training Adventure, we are into all things dual sport and adventure on the east coast of Australia… with occasional detours to places like Vietnam, Cambodia, Romania and Canada with our allergy to paved roads. This is one of our three channels, there’s also a Cross Training Trials channel, and a Cross Training Enduro channel. All three are equally dodgy. We are the 27th most watched dirt channel in Uzbekistan. We have won the polished turd award five years in a row. And we have a world record 25 class action lawsuits for inaccurate information. We think the whole motorbike scene is getting too commercial. So called dual sport riding reviews are just glossy ads nowdays. Everyone is trying to sell you stuff you don’t need, convince you to buy the latest model with anodized coffee cup holders for your trips to the coffee shop. Of course if you are cashed up and into bling, go for it. All we are saying is there’s also the budget option for adventure riding. And it won’t hold you back. Why? We reckon it’s 80% the rider and 20% the bike. So the Cross Training Adventure focus is just get out there and have fun on two wheels. Instead of obsessing over the latest blinged out Beemer, which tyres to fit or spending a fortune on your suspension or billet alloy gas cap. So most of our adventure ridingvids will feature the much loved bush pig, the Suzuki DR650. And we’ve done a 10 part series on how to unleash the mighty beast that lurks within. What else? Cross Training Adventure actively avoids sponsorship. We like doing seriously critical reviews. Manufacturers make some really bad mistakes. and there is a lot of dodgy crap being sold out there. Instead of glowing dual sport reviews for kickbacks or free product, we will try to keep the bastards honest. So subscribe. Or don’t subscribe to our Cross Training Adventure riding channel. The main thing is get out and ride while you can with dual sport riding or Adventure riding in Australia, Canada, Vietnam, Romania and beyond! So check out Cross Training Adventure.

What about our enduro channel? The rise of extreme enduro has seen a new breed of riders, pushing the boundaries of what is possible on a dirt bike… very different to dual sport or aventure riding! So get into cross training. Over 50 completely free training vids on relationships…. biology… and how to set up your bike, protective gear, maintenance, and riding skills from beginner to advanced. So what is cross training? It’s just applying trials skills to dirt riding… slowing things down initially we we can be faster, and more importantly, better dirt riders. A coaching session with Chris Birch was a great start. Arguably the top extreme enduro rider back in 2010 despite coming from New Zealand, Birchy shared many tips that worked their way into the training vids. Check them out on our website, Facebook page or Youtube channel. Apparently it will make you irreristable to women… we live in hope. Around 95% of the top extreme enduro riders are former trials riders. So it’s not surprising these guys say the key to learning to ride fast is first slow down and get your fundamental techniques right. The past few years Graham Jarvis has been the king of the extreme enduro world, and we’ve even started our own religion based on his teachings. Our local trials and endurocross champion Ruben Chadwick also has provided some great tips and video footage along the way.

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