Toxic Black Mold (Stachybotrys) effects on skin close up

Toxic Black Mold (Stachybotrys) effects on skin close up

Indoor mold is extremely dangerous, especially from water damage. Don’t stay in a house if mold is found there. Get out as fast as you can and leave ALL porous materials behind. Mycotoxins cling to everything and you can easily cross contaminate your new environment. Washing clothing will not help.

I survived a severe case of mold illness, but it took me years and I still have symptoms. Dealing with doctors, who will write you off as a hypochondriac is a pain. There are almost no tests to confirm mycotoxicosis in the blood and lots of snake oil salesmen out there trying to make easy money off of sick and desperate people.
The way to handle mold is:
1 stop exposure. get to a clean environment and don’t cross contaminate it
2 comprehensive medical diagnosis
3 medications depending on exposure and affected organs
4 drink lots of water and go on a detox diet
5 lead a healthy lifestyle

If you are fighting mold and are unsure what to do, I’ve been there. I offer counseling sessions via skype. Advice is strictly non-medical, but I can teach you about the dos and don’ts when dealing with doctors, how to recognize avoid quacks and relay my own experiences to you (what worked and what didn’t), so you don’t waste money on bogus tests. Stachybotrys for example will often not show up in air tests, since it will often be repressed by other, ubiquous molds in the seeing tray. Swap tests are more effective.
Hopefully it can help set you on the right path so you won’t have to endure a medical odyssey like I did. Counseling sessions are 100 Euro and usually last 45 mins. Usually no more than 1 is required. Languages: English, German.

Contact me via youtube for details.
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