Hangover Cures! Real Doctor Reacts to How To Cure a Hangover | Medical Myths With Doctor ER

Hangover Cures! Real Doctor Reacts to How To Cure a Hangover | Medical Myths With Doctor ER

A real doctor explains the best hangover cures that you haven’t tried. Doctor ER is here to cure your holiday hangover.

Wake up with a really bad hangover and now you feel like the walking dead? Need to find out the quickest way to cure your hangover? From prickly pear vitamins, drinking ginger, and the good ol’ hair of the dog trick, Doctor ER breaks down the medical myths and finds you the true hangover cure that works every time. All that and more! Doctor ER answers all of your burning holiday hangover questions!

Do you have a hangover cure that you swear by? Let me know in the comments below. I want to hear from you! Thanks so much for watching!


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