Hypno Cat + The Allergy 🐈 Kid Vs. Kat – Wildbrain

Hypno Cat + The Allergy 🐈 Kid Vs. Kat – Wildbrain


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When Coop Burtonburger’s younger sister Millie brings home a strange stray cat, his idyllic life shatters as he discovers the cat is actually a conniving, evil alien mastermind with a fanatical hate for mankind and an unassumingly sinister goal. The two battle daily as Coop tries to warn others of Kat’s evil, only to find his evidence destroyed by him and deemed a fool.

πŸ˜€ Cooper “Coop” Burtonburger – Coop is a 10 year old boy who is the main protagonist of the series. He always manages to foil Kat’s diabolical schemes, but is often injured, gotten into trouble, and occasionally humiliated in the process and always fails to prove Kat’s true identity. He gets the blame for everything Kat ruins in the house and everywhere else.
πŸ˜€ Millie Burtonburger – Millie is Coop’s younger, bratty, crybaby sister who owns and cares for Kat. Mr. Burtonburger, her father, always does whatever Millie says, mainly because she throws extreme tantrums when she fails to get her way. Because she can easily manipulate people into giving her what she wants, her talent earns her the neighborhood nickname “The Master Manipulator”.
πŸ˜€ Burt Burtonburger – Burt is the single father who is stressed out from Coop’s collateral damage around the house. He owns the House of Swap, a strange “store” where people can trade one item of theirs for any item in the store, running on the barter system.
πŸ˜€ Grandma & Grandpa Burtonburger – Burt’s parents and the grandparents of Coop and Millie.
🐈 Kat (Mr. Kat) – The antagonist. The family’s cat who resembles a purple Sphynx cat, though is indeed an evil alien mastermind from planet Catnipia. He hates Coop and Dennis for knowing his true identity and foiling his plans and tries to kill them with his claws, nefarious gadgets and traps, but fails each time. He is affectionate towards Coop’s sister, Millie, since she adopted him, loves him, and feeds him snacks.
🐈 Mr. Cheeks – A class pet hamster who is also an extraterrestrial, whose species rival those of Kat’s.
🐈 Kat Kommander – The supreme ruler Kat’s home planet, Catnipia, who sent Kat to Earth and contacts him via hologram.
🐈 Mr. Kitten – Kat Kommander’s rebellious son, a party-hard kitten who crash lands onto Earth.
🐈 Dr. K – A cat scientist and Kat’s girlfriend. She can speak English and Russian.