Smudging for Beginners – LEARN TO SMUDGE in 5 minutes

Smudging for Beginners – LEARN TO SMUDGE in 5 minutes

Smudging for Beginners – LEARN TO SMUDGE in 5 minutes
🦅 W H A T I S Y O U R S P I R I T A N I M A L ?

In this weeks new video, we created a smudging guide for beginners or anyone who wants to learn how to smudge. Smudging is simply the act of burning a bundle of sacred herbs or medicines that are intended to help you purify and redirect the energy of your space.

Burning these sacred medicines produces smoke that allows the healing benefits of the herb to enter our bodies and our home and this is the perfect guide for beginners. If you’re new to smudging or a beginner to the smudge or smudging ritual, this will help you learn how to smudge with sage. Learn to smudge with sage in just 5 minutes with this beginner smudging guide we created. But always keep in mind that the smudge ceremony is sacred to the native people and the smudge must always be respected.

We hope that with the use of this simple guide, you can easily learn to smudge in just a few minutes. If you smudge with intention, you can reap the benefits of this sacred ceremony that has been used by indigenous people for so long as a way to maintain peace, balance, and positivity.

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🦅 W H A T I S Y O U R S P I R I T A N I M A L ? / /

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Smudge Kit

" Sage (Large 7-8") "

" Sage (Small 4") "

" Sweetgrass Braid "

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