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Avocado Allergy: Signs, Varieties, Testing, & Administration


Allergic reactions might be triggered by all kinds of meals, together with sure fruit and veggies. One vitamin-rich meals that may be a perpetrator for such allergic reactions is avocado. Whereas avocado allergy isn’t steadily reported, it may trigger a variety of opposed reactions that may make it troublesome to diagnose, not to mention perceive.

Moreover, there’s a big cross-over between having an avocado allergy and being allergic to different meals and substances, together with latex. In flip, avocado allergic reactions might be advanced circumstances which are troublesome to pinpoint except correctly examined. It’s additionally an allergy that’s implicit in a variety of opposed reactions, together with oral allergy syndrome and latex-fruit syndrome

In case you’re allergic to avocado or suspect that you just is likely to be, it’s essential to know the signs, varieties of avocado allergic reactions, how one can get examined, and how one can finest handle the allergy to keep away from a set off. On this put up, we focus on all of those issues and extra.

avocado allergy symptoms

What’s an Avocado Allergy?

Not like meals sensitivity or intolerance which might have related signs as meals allergic reactions, a real avocado allergy happens when the physique’s immune system responds to the meals as if it had been a international invader.

In comparison with different meals allergic reactions like soy or peanut allergic reactions, avocado allergic reactions are recognized to be comparatively uncommon. However what makes this situation distinctive is that a person might be allergic to avocados by a lot of mechanisms, mostly an oral allergy or a latex allergy.

We go into additional element about these types of allergic reactions, however in short, the varieties of allergic reactions to avocado typically contain:

  • Latex-Fruit Syndrome – As the commonest supply of avocado and different meals allergic reactions, latex-fruit syndrome is characterised by meals (and pure latex itself) which have a protein molecule answerable for the allergenic set off.1
  • Oral Allergy Syndrome – Usually the perpetrator of cross-reactivity, equivalent to with publicity to birch tree pollen, this situation isn’t thought of a real allergy however produces allergy-like signs, like swelling of lips and tongue.
  • Excessive Histamine – Avocado is taken into account a meals with very excessive ranges of histamine. Such meals can intensify the discharge of histamine within the physique, thereby triggering allergy signs.
  • Anaphylaxis – Whereas extraordinarily uncommon, anaphylaxis is a extreme allergic response that may result in IgE mast cell degranulation, which might trigger extreme and even life-threatening signs.

Relying in your scenario, pores and skin prick testing and particular IgE blood testing may help take a look at for avocado and decide your situation. Beneath we go into additional element about these allergy varieties, cross-reactivities, and precautions.

Avocado and Latex Allergy

When you have a latex allergy or have been recognized with latex-fruit syndrome, you could need to keep away from consuming avocados altogether. About 30-50% of people who’re allergic to latex are additionally hypersensitive to sure plant-based meals.2 Avocado incorporates a protein that’s just like the protein present in latex. Signs of a latex allergy embody itching, swelling, and issue respiratory.

When you have a latex allergy, you might also be allergic or cross-reactive to different fruit and veggies. Such meals embody bananas, chestnuts, kiwifruit, passionfruit, papaya, and several other others. In case you are allergic to latex, discuss to your doctor about which meals to keep away from.

Avocado and Oral Allergy Syndrome (OAS)

An oral avocado allergy is a situation during which your physique reacts to the meals as if it had been a dangerous substance or invader. This response is triggered by your immune system and the result can lead to gentle or extreme allergy signs, equivalent to itching of your lips, mouth, and throat. Whereas oral allergy syndrome isn’t widespread, it may be a severe situation that shouldn’t be taken frivolously.

In case you suppose you might need an oral avocado allergy, one of the best factor to do is see an allergist or doctor for testing. As soon as you identify the fruit to be problematic, they may help you develop a plan to keep away from avocados and different meals that may set off your signs. With cautious administration, you must have the ability to take pleasure in a wide range of meals with out concern of response.

Avocado Histamine Ranges

Histamine is a molecule that’s concerned in many alternative organic processes. It’s discovered in lots of physique tissues and is crucial for correct immune operate. Histamine can also be a key mediator of irritation.

Whereas histamine is important for correct well being, an excessive amount of histamine can result in issues. Excessive ranges of histamine could cause an allergic response, generally known as histamine intolerance. Signs of histamine intolerance embody itching, hives, swelling, issue respiratory, and gastrointestinal upset.

Avocados are naturally very excessive in histamine and such excessive ranges might be problematic for folks with histamine intolerance. In case you suspect that you might have histamine intolerance, it’s best to keep away from meals excessive in histamine, equivalent to avocados. Avocados additionally comprise different allergens that will set off reactions in people who find themselves delicate to them. A few of these allergens embody latex, sulfites, and copper.

Avocado Intolerance vs. Allergy

There’s a vital organic distinction between an avocado intolerance and an allergy. In easy phrases, an allergy to avocados is immuno-related and might be life-threatening in excessive circumstances, whereas intolerance is mostly characterised by uncomfortable reactions however not overly dangerous or harmful.

An intolerance to avocados is far more widespread than an allergy. Signs of avocado intolerance embody bloating, fuel, diarrhea, and nausea. When you have an intolerance to avocados, you could possibly eat small quantities or sure avocado-containing merchandise with out experiencing any signs. Nonetheless, it’s typically finest to keep away from consuming avocados altogether you probably have an intolerance.

Avocado allergic reactions, however, are uncommon however could cause a bunch of reactions. In case you do in truth have an avocado allergy, you must keep away from consuming avocados and any merchandise that comprise them.

Avocado Allergy Signs

The signs of an avocado allergy can range from individual to individual in addition to the character of their situation. Frequent signs of an oral allergy to avocados embody:

  • Scratchy throat
  • Swelling in and across the mouth and throat
  • Itchy mouth

As with latex-avocado allergy, the signs can embody:

  • Swelling of the lips
  • Sneezing
  • Abdomen discomfort
  • Hives
  • Anaphylactic response
  • Itchy eyes

There are two varieties of symptomatic reactions that may happen: instant and delayed. Rapid reactions occur inside minutes of consuming the fruit, whereas delayed reactions can take as much as 48 hours to develop.

In case you expertise any of those signs after consuming avocados or dealing with them, it’s essential to hunt medical consideration instantly. Anaphylactic reactions might be life-threatening, so it’s important to get emergency assist for those who suspect you could be experiencing one.

Can You Abruptly Develop into Allergic to Avocado?

Sure, you possibly can develop an allergy to avocados regardless of not having any issues with them prior to now. Allergic reactions can develop at any time, and there are a couple of recognized causes for why somebody may out of the blue turn into allergic to avocados.

One risk is that the particular person has developed a cross-sensitivity to a different allergen, equivalent to latex or birch tree pollen. When this occurs, the physique errors the proteins in avocado for the proteins within the different allergen, and an immune response is triggered.

One other risk is that the particular person has developed oral allergy syndrome (OAS). This situation is brought on by a response between sure fruits or greens and pollen, and it may trigger signs like itching or swelling within the mouth when the fruit or vegetable is eaten. Avocados are recognized to set off OAS in people who find themselves allergic to birch pollen or ragweed pollen.

Avocado Allergy Check

In case you suspect you will have an allergy to avocados, having a correct meals allergy take a look at achieved is a vital measure to rule out an avocado intolerance or sensitivity, because the signs of the latter might be related. There are two widespread avocado allergy take a look at strategies: a pores and skin prick take a look at and an IgE blood take a look at.

Usually the commonest allergy take a look at in scientific settings is a pores and skin prick take a look at. In case you go to a doctor, that is possible the take a look at you’ll obtain to diagnose an avocado allergy. With such a allergy take a look at, a needle is used to make a small prick within the pores and skin and a really small quantity of the allergen is positioned on the pores and skin. If signs like redness, pores and skin rash, itchiness, and bumps develop, an allergy might be confirmed.

Alternatively, an IgE blood take a look at is a straightforward and efficient various to check for an avocado allergy. This kind of blood take a look at is used to measure the extent of allergen-specific IgE antibodies discovered within the blood. In brief, it may be used to substantiate an avocado allergy or assist rule one out.

’You may as well have an avocado sensitivity which could be very totally different from avocado allergy and an avocado sensitivity  take a look at can achieved at dwelling with a lab-accredited take a look at equipment, like that of YorkTest’s easy-to-use Residence-To-Laboratory Check Package.

Avocado Allergy Cross Reactivity

It’s potential to be allergic or delicate to avocados, even for those who’ve by no means eaten them earlier than. That is due to a phenomenon referred to as cross-reactivity.

Cross-reactivity happens when your physique errors a protein in a single meals for the same protein in one other meals. Within the case of avocados, the proteins that trigger an allergic response are just like these present in latex however are additionally current in different meals.3

Latex allergic reactions are comparatively widespread, and people who find themselves allergic to latex are sometimes additionally allergic to avocados. Different meals that may trigger cross-reactivity with avocados embody bananas, kiwis, and chestnuts.

In case you’re allergic to avocados, you could expertise signs equivalent to itching, swelling, and issue respiratory. In extreme circumstances, anaphylaxis might happen, particularly in circumstances of avocado hypersensitivity.4 Anaphylaxis is a life-threatening response that requires instant medical consideration.

Cross-reactivity between avocados and different meals is comparatively unusual, but it surely’s nonetheless essential to pay attention to the potential for an allergic response. When you have any questions or issues, you’ll want to discuss to your allergist.

What About Avocado Oil or Different Avocado-based Merchandise?

In case you’re among the many small share of people who find themselves allergic to avocados, you could surprise if it’s secure to eat different merchandise like avocado oil. Generally, no, it’s not secure to eat these meals as many allergic people will expertise the identical opposed flare-ups.

Nonetheless, some avocado-based merchandise which have been heat-treated, like cooking oils, is likely to be okay to eat for some people. The warmth-treated course of throughout the manufacturing of those oils might destroy the allergenic proteins, nevertheless, that is extremely particular person and doesn’t at all times pertain to everybody with such allergic reactions.

Some examples of heat-treated avocado merchandise embody avocado oil and choose avocado spreads and guacamoles. Keep in mind that this isn’t the case for all merchandise, so you’ll want to completely learn product labels.

How To Overcome Avocado Allergy

In case you do have an allergic response to avocados, your doctor or dietician can work with you to determine the easiest way to handle your allergy. Sadly, there is no such thing as a particular avocado allergy therapy that can treatment your signs totally. Nonetheless, your doctor might advocate that you just take antihistamines to assist relieve signs within the occasion of publicity.

There are a couple of measures you possibly can take to assist overcome your avocado allergy. In circumstances of maximum reactions, the underlying technique might contain avoiding avocados utterly or taking steps to cut back your danger of publicity. One widespread measure is at all times carrying emergency treatment with you in case you by chance eat one thing that incorporates avocado, like guacamole or a smoothie containing avocado.

If over-the-counter treatment merchandise don’t present reduction, your healthcare supplier might prescribe stronger or various treatment to accommodate your particular person wants. When you have a extreme response after consuming avocados, equivalent to anaphylaxis, you have to instant medical consideration and an injection of epinephrine to deal with the signs.

Anaphylaxis is a life-threatening response that may trigger issue respiratory, swelling of the throat and tongue, and a drop in blood strain. When you have any of those signs, it is very important search medical consideration instantly.

Are You Allergic to Avocado?

You will need to concentrate on the signs of an avocado allergy and to know how one can establish the several types of reactions. In case you’ve been feeling slightly beneath the climate, sneezing rather a lot, or have itchy eyes – and see these signs after consuming one thing with avocado as an ingredient – it’s essential to get examined to successfully pinpoint an avocado meals allergy. 

There are a couple of options obtainable for many who are allergic to avocados, so the easiest way to reduce the danger of a response is to keep away from consuming avocados altogether. When you have been recognized with an avocado allergy or different cross-reactive meals allergic reactions, it may be a secure precaution to hold an EpiPen with you in case of a extremely extreme and even life-threatening response. And as at all times, examine together with your doctor or dietician about consuming sure meals in query, as even a small quantity of avocado can set off an opposed response in some folks.


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