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Mud Mites and Sleep Disruption


Within the tranquil setting of your bed room, there lurk legions of invisible adversaries. 

These microscopic intruders are referred to as the mud mites. They’re tremendous tiny bugs that stay in your beds. You possibly can’t see them, however they’re there.  

They conceal throughout the very material of our sanctuaries. Current in nearly each dwelling, these tiny pests feast on lifeless pores and skin cells and might unfold many ailments. 

They make you sneeze, have watery eyes, and might deliver infections and allergic reactions and disturb your sound sleep.

Going through the Enemy: Traits and Life Cycle of Mud Mites 

Think about critters are so small that you simply can not see them with out utilizing gear. Nevertheless, you may really feel their results profoundly. 

Mud mites are eight-legged creatures measuring mere lots of of micrometers. They’re distant kin of spiders and stay just for a number of weeks. Whereas they’ll solely stay for 2-4 weeks, they’ll create a colony that may wreak havoc for years. 

They love heat and damp locations, which makes our beds an irresistible habitat, an ideal spot for them to thrive. That’s as a result of they eat on our lifeless pores and skin after we sleep.

So, as we slumber, we unknowingly nourish these pests. Every week sees us shed about 1/5 ounce of lifeless pores and skin, turning our beds right into a lavish buffet. 

The alarming reality? A single mattress could possibly be dwelling to over 100,000 mites. As we toss and switch, these mites and their droppings get dispersed, making them simple inhalants that trigger many ailments.

Illnesses Prompted By Mud Mites

Whereas too small to see (you’ll want a microscope) mites make their presence recognized via a number of ailments. For a lot of, an infestation of those critters may cause mud mite bites and different reactions from the physique.

Listed below are some well being points you will get from these pests. 

Hay Fever (Allergic Rhinitis)

Mud mite publicity can set off allergic rhinitis, a situation the place the within of the nostril turns into infected. Listed below are a few of the signs:

• Sneezing

• Runny or stuffy nostril

• Itchy or watery eyes

• Itchy throat or ears

Bronchial asthma

Mud mites can set off or worsen bronchial asthma. Signs of this illness embrace

• Wheezing

• Shortness of breath

• Chest tightness

• Coughing, particularly at night time or early morning

Eczema (Atopic Dermatitis)

Whereas not the one explanation for eczema, mud mite allergens can set off or worsen this pores and skin situation. Indicators and signs of eczema embrace

• Itchy, infected pores and skin

• Pink or brownish-gray patches

• Small raised bumps which may launch fluid when scratched

• Cracked, scaly, or thickened pores and skin

Mud Mite Allergy

Mud mite allergy can produce signs just like hay fever and could be a year-round ailment. This allergy can lead to:

• Sneezing

• Runny or stuffy nostril

• Pink, itchy, or teary eyes

• Wheezing, coughing, or shortness of breath

• Tightness within the chest

• Itchy pores and skin


Mud mites—along with animal dander and molds—are widespread causes of sore eyes or conjunctivitis. This illness is widespread as a result of our eyes can not cease the impression of mite droppings and different allergens on their floor. Signs of this sickness embrace:

• Watery, itchy eyes

• Redness and burning of eyes

Glue Ears

Glue ears are a standard situation in youngsters that happens when fluid builds up their center ear, which takes up the house behind their eardrums. Mud mite allergy usually causes this illness. Its signs embrace: 

• Launch of thick and sticky fluid

• Lowered listening to (particularly in youngsters)

• Short-term deafness 

Causes Mud Mites Trigger Illnesses

What’s with these tiny organisms that trigger these ailments? Do mud mites chew, like different bugs? 

Whereas these microscopic critters don’t chew, you will get sick from the allergic reactions from them. Proteins in decomposing our bodies and feces of mud mites are a few of the allergens that may set off the allergic responses talked about above. 

If you’re experiencing any of the signs above and suspect you get them seemingly from mud mites, you need to seek the advice of a healthcare skilled. They’ll supply steerage on each prognosis and administration.

How To Eradicate Mud Mites

Full eradication of mud mites is perhaps difficult due to their microscopic dimension and elusiveness. However you may scale back and management their inhabitants utilizing

Barrier Technique

Select covers for mattresses and pillows that may block allergens. These act as obstacles that may stop mites from spreading outdoors.

Excessive-temperature Therapy

Restrict the unfold of the mite inhabitants by weekly washing of your beddings in sizzling water (above 130°F).

Environment friendly Vacuuming Utilizing Superior Fashions

Equip your self with a sophisticated mattress vacuum. These units have HEPA filter vacuum cleaners. It not solely removes but in addition traps the allergens.

Common Use of Superior Vacuums 

Fashionable tech affords vacuums utilizing UV+ (ultraviolet) gentle, which might kill mites, rendering them innocent.

Integrating these measures makes your sleeping atmosphere inhospitable for mites and paves the best way for a restful, uninterrupted slumber.

Raycop, the Mud Mite Buster

One efficient option to kill mud mites in your bed room is by shopping for Raycop handheld vacuums. They’re geared up with superior expertise to regulate mud mites. Listed below are the methods they may also help include the unfold and even bust these tiny pests:

UV+ Sterilization

Raycop handhelds have highly effective UV+ lamps inside. The UV gentle breaks down the DNA of mud mites and germs, killing them. This expertise removes mites and cleans surfaces with out utilizing chemical compounds.

Highly effective Suction

Raycop mattress vacuum fashions have highly effective suction, which pulls mud mites, eggs, and poop from deep inside materials and totally different surfaces. It additionally stops these pests from spreading and laying extra eggs.

Superior Filter

Raycop units normally have HEPA filters. HEPA stands for “Excessive-Effectivity Particulate Air.” These filters lure even the tiniest bits of mud mites and poop so that they don’t return into the air.

Vibrating Pads or Brushes

Some Raycop fashions have vibrating pads or brushes. These shake out mud mites and allergens deeply caught in materials, making the vacuum to suck them up simpler.

Made for Mushy Surfaces

Raycop designed its handheld fashions to succeed in the place mud mites stay. They work nicely to scrub delicate surfaces like mattresses, pillows, and fabric, that are hotspots for mites.

Straightforward to Use

Raycop handhelds are light-weight and simple to make use of. You possibly can rapidly clear your mattress and bedding as a result of you may simply maneuver to get all of the nooks and crannies the place mites would possibly conceal. It could possibly additionally extinguish mud mites and different particles on couches, rugs, and different furnishings objects. 

Common Cleansing

As a result of they’re really easy to make use of, Raycop handhelds provide you with extra time for cleansing. Commonly vacuuming delicate surfaces lowers the probabilities of mud mites coming again.

What Customers Say About Raycop’s Mud Mite-Busting Energy

Many Raycop clients commented on their satisfaction with proudly owning the Raycop handhelds and their efficacy in wiping off mud mites. One joyful Raycop person is Gail Szul who expressed her reduction after utilizing the RS Professional to eradicate mud mites on her mattress. 

As for Caseyk, a Raycop Lite person, the mattress vacuum was essential in calming down her coughing due to her mud mite allergy. 

Exterminate Mud Mites with Raycop

Raycop handheld vacuums have specialised options that present a complete resolution in opposition to mud mite allergy and different well being points. Not solely do they bodily take away these pests, however their mixture of UV+ sterilization, highly effective suction, and superior filtration additionally guarantee a more healthy, extra allergen-free residing atmosphere.

Go to our Raycop’s product catalog to know extra!

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