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Flaxseed Allergy, an rising allergen


Flaxseed allergy is a uncommon although rising allergen.  Flaxseeds are consumed and added to cereals and cooked meals. It’s also used for his or her laxative impact and it additionally has a excessive content material of omega 3 fatty acids. Allergy to flaxseed has been rising partly in all probability resulting from its elevated consumption over the previous couple of years.

Though uncommon, a number of circumstances of anaphylaxis have been reported resulting from flaxseed. The storage proteins are often liable for most circumstances of flaxseed allergy. It is a 2s Seed storage albumin. These kinds of proteins are discovered in lots of seeds and nuts.

Cross reactivity between flaxseeds and different seeds (peanut, soybean, rapeseed, lupine, and wheat) have been described. With rare and/or new meals being eaten extra, seed allergy, particularly flaxseed allergy must be thought-about within the analysis of meals allergy.

Anaphylaxis reactions to flaxseed, or every other meals for that matter, may cause hives, itchy pores and skin, swelling, redness, vomiting, or in extreme circumstances throat closure.


Flaxseed is harvested from a plant referred to as Linum usitatissimum, it’s within the Linaceae household of crops.

To diagnose flaxseed allergy, your allergist can do pores and skin prick testing, or ship you to the lab to examine your IgE to Flaxseed. Widespread labs that may carry out this take a look at are Quest and Labcorp. Below Labcorp Linseed is examined, Lin u 1.

In circumstances of anaphylaxis to flaxseed, the primary line remedy is epinephrine. There are lots of totally different types of epinephrine supply techniques, the most typical ones are Epipen and Auvi-Q.

If you happen to do have a case of anaphylaxis, name 911 instantly and administer epinephrine. If the reason for the anaphylaxis is unknown, see an allergist who will help determine the reason for the response. With a cautious historical past and focused lab or pores and skin testing the reason for the response can hopefully be discovered. There are generally circumstances of idiopathic anaphylaxis the place there isn’t a particular trigger of those reactions.

Idiopathic Anaphylaxis-Workup and Therapy




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