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Simply Like Us: 20 Celebrities Dealing with Meals Allergy symptoms and Celiac Illness


Do your meals allergy symptoms make you are feeling remoted? It’s possible you’ll really feel on their lonesome, but it surely’s essential to understand that an estimated 32 million fellow Individuals — 1 in 10 adults and 1 in 16 youngsters — are additionally dealing with the illness.

And of these dwelling within the US with meals allergy symptoms, 90% are attributable to the “Prime 9” allergens. Right here they’re with an estimated variety of Individuals which can be coping with allergy symptoms to them:

  • shellfish: 8.2 million
  • milk: 6.1 million
  • peanut: 6.1 million
  • tree nuts: 3.9 million
  • egg: 2.6 million
  • fin fish: 2.6 million
  • wheat: 2.4 million
  • soy: 1.9 million
  • sesame: 0.7 million

Add to that the roughly 2 million Individuals who’re dealing with celiac illness and should keep away from gluten, and also you’ll end up within the firm of many dwelling with restricted diets.

Nonetheless feeling alone? Right here’s an inventory of 20 celebs and the meals which can be their kryptonite.

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande, the diva behind Rain on Me and 7 Rings, is allergic to tomatoes and bananas in response to this text by Insider.

Bethenny Frankel

Actual Housewives of New York star and Skinny Lady mogul Bethenny Frankel is allergic to fish per this text from Ladies’s Well being.

Invoice Hader

Author, director, and producer of Barry and SNL alum Invoice Hader is allergic to peanuts as he mentioned on this Workforce Coco video.

Clay Aiken

American Idol and recording star, Clay Aiken, is allergic to a number of meals together with chocolate, espresso, mint, shellfish, tree nuts, and mushrooms in response to this text showing in Rolling Stone.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck

Survivor star and former co-host of The View, Elisabeth Hasselbeck is dealing with celiac illness in response to this text from Glamour.