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Mango Allergy – Widespread Signs & Reactions


Mangoes are a beloved tropical fruit, however sadly for some they will set off doubtlessly critical allergic reactions. On this article, we’ll discover what mango allergy entails, its key signs and threat components, methods for analysis and avoidance, in addition to suggestions for managing this meals allergy in every day life.

What’s a Mango Allergy?

Mango allergic reactions may be triggered by the body’s immune system reacting to proteins present in mangoes. It’s categorised as a Sort 1 allergy, that means the physique’s defences mistakenly determine mango proteins as dangerous, prompting an allergic response.

When somebody allergic to mangoes both ingests, touches or inhales mango particles their immune system releases antibodies referred to as Immunoglobulin E (IgE). These IgE antibodies sign the discharge of inflammatory chemical substances like histamine that trigger allergic signs. 

Mangoes belong to the identical household as cashews, pistachios and poison ivy however a mango allergy may be very distinct from poison ivy or nut allergic reactions, for the reason that particular proteins that set off mango allergic reactions are utterly totally different from these in tree nuts or poison ivy. Nonetheless, some people might expertise allergic cross-reactivity (mentioned later on this article) if their our bodies mistake the mango proteins as much like allergens in these different plant sources. 

It’s additionally vital to distinguish mango allergy from Oral Allergy Syndrome (OAS), the place undigested mango proteins cross-react with pollen allergens, inflicting localised oral/throat irritation. OAS reactions are usually milder in comparison with systemic mango allergic reactions. 

Widespread Signs of a Mango Allergy

Allergic reactions to mangoes can vary from gentle to doubtlessly life-threatening. Subsequently, it’s important to know the frequent signs and reactions for those who imagine you have got an allergy to mangoes. 

The most typical signs come up quickly after consuming mango fruit, consuming mango juice, or coming into contact with mango pores and skin or sap. So, for those who discover that you simply expertise any of the next signs after consuming or consuming mango, you will have a mango allergy and you must contact a medical skilled as quickly as doable. 

Typical allergic reactions and signs embody:

  • Itching or tingling within the mouth: Many mango allergy victims first expertise an uncomfortable prickly, itchy, or tingling sensation within the lips, tongue, throat, or roof of the mouth quickly after ingesting mango. That is brought on by mast cells releasing histamine and different chemical substances because the immune system assaults the mango proteins.
  • Swelling of the lips, tongue, or throat: The histamine launched throughout an allergic response may cause totally different areas of the mouth and throat to swell up. Swelling of the lips and tongue could make respiration and swallowing troublesome. Throat swelling critically obstructs the airways and requires instant medical consideration.
  • Hives or rash: Raised, itchy rashes or hives might seem on the pores and skin because the allergic response circulates inflammatory substances all through the physique. Hives can unfold and enhance in severity with additional mango publicity.
  • Stomach ache, nausea, or vomiting: Gastrointestinal points like abdomen cramps, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhoea are frequent because the physique tries to expel the mango proteins. These signs steadily accompany different allergic reactions. 
  • Issue respiration or wheezing: In some critical circumstances, the airways can develop into constricted on account of swelling, resulting in wheezing, coughing and shortness of breath. Anaphylaxis is a extreme whole-body response that’s life-threatening with out instant epinephrine remedy.

Allergic to Mango Pores and skin – Dangers & Signs

As mentioned, most mango allergy signs come up from ingesting the fruit itself or consuming the juice, however some folks can expertise allergic reactions simply from contact with the pores and skin or sap of mangoes. That’s as a result of the identical proteins that set off mango meals allergic reactions are current within the pores and skin and stem of the fruit.

When you’ve got a mango allergy, immediately touching mango pores and skin carries a threat of an hostile response. Potential signs of mango pores and skin allergy embody:

  • Rash or dermatitis: The pores and skin might develop pink, itchy, infected rashes or patches of eczema-like dermatitis the place mango pores and skin or sap has come into contact with it. These rashes can unfold and worsen with additional publicity.
  • Itching or redness: Areas of the pores and skin which have touched mango can develop into intensely itchy, pink, and irritated because the immune system releases histamine. Nonetheless, scratching typically worsens the itch.
  • Swelling: In some circumstances, the uncovered space of pores and skin might swell up quickly after touching the mango pores and skin on account of a buildup of fluids from inflammatory chemical substances launched through the allergic response.

When you’ve got a mango allergy, or suppose you may need one, it’s essential to train warning when dealing with complete mangoes and keep away from direct pores and skin contact. Carrying gloves and totally washing fingers after making ready mangoes might help stop unintended publicity. 

In case you are involved about any of the reactions talked about, you must communicate to a medical skilled the place they will consider your signs. 

The Severity of Mango Allergy Reactions 

The signs we’ve mentioned can vary extensively of their severity, from gentle and localised signs to doubtlessly life-threatening, full-body reactions. The extent of severity relies on the sensitivity of the person and the quantity of mango protein they’ve been uncovered to.

On the milder finish of the spectrum, reactions might solely contain localised mouth or pores and skin irritation like itching, tingling, or rashes within the areas of publicity. Whereas uncomfortable, these signs usually stay contained.

Extra reasonable reactions carry further signs like hives, vomiting, stomach cramps, nasal congestion, and issue respiration on account of throat swelling. These reactions have an effect on a number of areas because the allergic response circulates by the physique.

In extreme circumstances, mango allergy can quickly escalate into anaphylaxis – a harmful whole-body allergic response. Anaphylaxis happens when the physique overreacts to the allergen by releasing a flood of chemical mediators that may ship the physique into shock.

Signs of anaphylaxis can embody:

  • Constriction of airways
  • Steep drop in blood strain
  • Speedy pulse
  • Dizziness
  • Lack of consciousness

Anaphylaxis requires pressing remedy with an epinephrine auto-injector and instant medical care, as it may be deadly.

It doesn’t matter what the severity of preliminary signs is, it’s vital to hunt medical analysis for any mango allergy response as gentle signs can doubtlessly worsen. Contacting emergency companies is advisable for signs involving respiration difficulties, as anaphylaxis can quickly develop into life-threatening with out immediate remedy.

Cross-reactivity & Meals to Keep away from

At the start of this text, we talked about “cross-reactivity”. Cross-reactivity occurs when the physique’s antibodies mistakenly determine the proteins in one other meals as being structurally much like the unique allergen. 

So, whereas a mango allergy particularly refers to an immune response triggered by proteins discovered within the mango fruit, there’s potential for cross-reactivity with different associated fruits and vegetation.

Beneath we’ve listed a number of the commonest cross-reactors for these with a mango allergy:

Cashews and pistachios: As members of the identical plant household (Anacardiaceae), mango proteins might cross-react with tree nut allergens like these in cashews and pistachios.

Drupe fruits: Stone fruits like peaches, plums, apricots, and cherries share botanical similarities that might set off cross-reactions in mango allergy victims.

Latex: People with latex allergic reactions might expertise oral allergy signs when consuming mangoes on account of cross-reacting proteins.

Pollen meals: These with pollen meals allergy syndrome can cross-react to fruits like mango on account of similarities between the allergens.

This cross-reactivity means somebody allergic to mangoes might have to keep away from or train warning with these different potential set off meals as effectively. Factoring in potential cross-reactors can also be vital when testing for a mango allergy analysis, as outcomes may very well be skewed by different meals sensitivities.

Methods to Handle your Mango Allergy 

If you already know you have got a mango allergy, utterly avoiding mango fruit, juice, pulp and any mango-related merchandise is critical to stop having any reactions. 

If you’re uncertain about sure meals merchandise, make studying the ingredient labels a behavior, as mango may be current in surprising merchandise like cereal, granola bars, sorbets, chutneys, and marinades. Look out for different names that mango might go by, like “mango puree” or “mango flavouring.”. In case you are consuming out at a restaurant, disclose your allergy to the workers and keep away from any dishes that may very well be cross-contaminated. 

You need to stop any unintended mango publicity , so be vigilant about your environment and take precautions when travelling and consuming out. Hold epinephrine auto-injectors accessible in case of anaphylaxis. 

Although mango is off limits, that doesn’t imply you can’t get pleasure from different comparable unique fruits! Fruits like pineapple, papaya, or passionfruit can present comparable candy, unique flavours. In case you want an alternate in baking and cooking, apple sauce, mashed bananas and even pureed stone fruits could be a nice substitute for mango puree. 

Tips on how to Check for a Mango Allergy

In case you suspect you will have a mango allergy, it’s vital to get correctly evaluated by an allergist. The allergist will possible begin with an in depth medical historical past about your signs and reactions to mangoes or different meals.

Pores and skin prick testing is a generally used methodology to check for mango allergy. This includes putting a small quantity of liquid mango extract in your pores and skin and pricking the world to permit publicity. Swelling, redness, or a raised bump signifies a constructive allergic response.

Blood checks measuring mango-specific IgE antibody ranges may detect mango allergic reactions. The allergen parts inflicting your response may be additional recognized by element testing on the blood pattern.

How York Check Can Assist

YorkTest doesn’t particularly take a look at for mango allergy.  Nonetheless, folks typically have a meals intolerance or sensitivity to a number of substances that they interpret as an allergy. Thus folks typically select to undertake each a meals particular intolerance or sensitivity take a look at in addition to a meals particular allergy take a look at.  If you’re seeking to get examined for a mango intolerance or sensitivity or different meals intolerances, at York Check, we provide a Premium Meals Sensitivity Check and extra consultations with nutritionists to assist determine set off meals and develop personalised avoidance plans. 

In case you suspect you have got a meals sensitivity, YorkTest might help with:

  • Dwelling-to-laboratory testing: The take a look at is straightforward to make use of and may be finished within the consolation of your personal residence.
  • Correct outcomes: YorkTest has a greater than 98% reproducibility charge, making certain correct and dependable outcomes.
  • Skilled assist: YorkTest provides ongoing assist from their in-house buyer care and certified dietary consultants.

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