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Outgrowing Almond Allergy! | AllergicChild


When my son, Morgan, was just a little boy he continued so as to add an increasing number of meals allergic reactions. He began with a peanut allergy response – breaking out in hives from touching a peanut butter sandwich on the age of 9 months. Fortunately, he didn’t eat it!

He added an egg allergy after a response to the MMR vaccine, and subsequent testing at 18 months outdated confirmed egg and likewise confirmed a extreme peanut allergy. Our allergist recommended that he not eat tree nuts due to the chance of cross contact within the manufacturing course of with peanuts.

Then, on the age of three, he had full physique hives and we went again for extra testing to find out what meals was inflicting the difficulty. To our dismay, he added one other allergy – shellfish, however he hadn’t eaten shellfish the day of the hives, so we started to suspect sesame as the reason for the hives, however didn’t get that confirmed till a later allergy testing. We had additional testing accomplished a number of extra occasions as he acquired older within the hopes that he would have outgrown a number of of those allergic reactions. Whereas he did seem to outgrow egg allergy, it wasn’t till he was in highschool that he was keen to undergo a meals problem for eggs, which he handed. That was the one meals allergy he had outgrown throughout his childhood.

He wasn’t imagined to be allergic to fish, as per one of many allergy testing outcomes, but had full blown anaphylaxis to at least one chunk of trout on a tenting journey a number of years after this testing. That was a shock to say the least! So we added that meals to his ever-growing listing of meals allergic reactions.

He was managing peanut, tree nuts, shellfish, fish and sesame allergic reactions from center college by school and out into the work world. We mainly had given up on him ever outgrowing any of those meals allergic reactions.

It has been 13 years since that final meals problem (he’s 28 years outdated now), and Morgan just lately acquired courageous sufficient to check for almonds, which had come again unfavourable in two earlier allergy testing outcomes. A meals problem might be very anxiousness producing, and we’ve discovered that Morgan has to REALLY wish to eat the meals to make the method worthwhile.

Right here is Morgan’s abstract of the meals problem as posted on his LinkedIn account:

You possibly can in all probability think about how excited all of us had been with this improvement! I suppose the ethical of the story of meals allergic reactions is: by no means hand over on outgrowing a meals allergy!

Morgan has begun consuming almonds in all types of meals (all the time guaranteeing that there isn’t any cross contact with another tree nuts since he nonetheless has these allergic reactions), and likewise consuming almond milk. It has expanded his eating regimen enormously and we’re so thrilled!

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