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Why Is It Painful To Swallow? 7 Doable Causes


Why Is It Painful To Swallow? 7 Possible Causes

We take swallowing as a right. It comes naturally and may be an annoyance when it turns into painful. Not solely is swallowing an automated response to consuming and consuming, however you ceaselessly swallow your saliva all through the day. At any time when your throat feels scratchy, you probably gear up with throat lozenges or natural teas to ease the ache.

Not all sore throats trigger painful swallowing, and never all swallowing points derive from bacterial infections. Whereas there’s a low probability your swallowing points are a extreme well being threat, it’s at all times higher to be protected than sorry.

The docs at Allergy & ENT Associates focus on treating all ENT issues and wish you to know the various causes of a sore throat and painful swallowing. Listed here are seven attainable the reason why it’s painful to swallow.

Doable Causes for a Sore Throat

Strep Throat

Throat infections are frequent causes of ache whereas swallowing. A micro organism known as Streptococcus pyogenes trigger strep throat, which might simply transmit from one particular person to the subsequent when the contaminated particular person talks, coughs, or sneezes. Individuals who have strep throat might expertise the next:

  • White patches on the tonsils
  • Swollen and sore lymph nodes
  • Fever
  • Ache and pink spots on the taste bud


Tonsillitis is the irritation and an infection of the tonsils and lymph nodes in the back of the throat. This situation is thought for inflicting painful swallowing in affected people. Strep throat and different viruses or bacterial infections can contribute to tonsillitis.

For those who expertise tonsillitis, you additionally expertise these signs:

  • Swollen tonsils
  • Fever
  • Dangerous breath
  • Sore neck or jaw
  • White spots on the tonsils


Any situation that irritates the esophagus will most probably trigger painful swallowing. The esophagus carries meals and liquid out of your mouth to the abdomen. Sadly, you may expertise irritation within the esophagus because of allergic reactions, acid reflux disorder, infections, or drugs. Together with painful swallowing, it’s possible you’ll expertise:

  • Heartburn
  • Nausea
  • Chest ache
  • Abdomen aches
  • Hoarse voice

Sinus An infection

As said earlier than, a sore throat and painful swallowing can derive from a chilly, flu, or sinus an infection. With a sinus an infection, you may expertise painful swallowing from makes an attempt at clearing your throat of drainage. Doing this ceaselessly may cause irritation and painful swallowing till the an infection subsides.

Throat Harm

One other attainable reason behind painful swallowing could be a throat damage. Consuming or consuming one thing too sizzling can burn the within of your mouth and throat. You can even scratch or reduce the again of your throat by consuming objects with sharp edges, like chips.

Ear An infection

Ear infections can are available many various types and with numerous signs. Your ear might throb for hours, or it’s possible you’ll solely really feel ache when coughing or sneezing. Different instances may cause painful swallowing. Ear ache and painful swallowing are frequent with a center ear an infection. The canals within the center ear hook up with the higher throat and nasal cavity, making it arduous to launch stress if there’s a blockage.

Oral Thrush

A yeast an infection known as oral thrush can seem within the mouth, throat, and esophagus. Micro organism and candida are answerable for the uncomfortable feeling when swallowing. With oral thrush, you may additionally discover the next:

  • A lack of style
  • White patches on the tongue
  • The corners of the lips are pink, dry, or cracked

Methods To Forestall a Sore Throat

You possibly can take just a few preventative actions towards a sore throat and painful swallowing. It’s at all times finest to apply good hygiene and keep away from encountering the germs that trigger sickness. Listed here are just a few methods to forestall a sore throat:

  • Avoiding shut contact with people who find themselves sick
  • Avoiding touching public fountains together with your mouth
  • Utilizing alcohol-based hand sanitizers
  • Avoiding sharing meals, drinks, and utensils
  • Not touching your face, particularly your mouth, eyes, and nostril
  • Washing your arms for at the least 20 seconds

Therapies for Painful Swallowing

Therapies for painful swallowing can fluctuate relying on the extent and reason behind ache. Antibiotics and throat-numbing mouthwash are frequent therapies ENTs give their sufferers. The numbing agent subsides the ache whereas taking antibiotic drugs. When you have a extreme sore throat, your ENT might prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs.

Therapies at Allergy & ENT Associates are customized to you and your situation. You can even do residence cures to alleviate painful swallowing quickly.

Breathe in Moist Air

A humidifier has many perks, together with lowering the probabilities of nasal congestion and sore throats. This machine converts water to air moisture to extend the humidity in a room. Inhaling moist air will ease irritation within the throat and relieve ache. A sizzling bathe can have an analogous impact in the event you don’t have a humidifier.

Drink Natural Tea

Sipping heat natural teas with honey will relieve swelling and ache within the throat. Though there’s no scientific proof, inexperienced tea, turmeric tea, licorice root tea, and slippery elm tea are just a few examples of widespread teas which are identified for serving to you are feeling higher. You will discover these teas are your native grocery or drug retailer.

Residence Cures

One other option to deal with a sore throat and painful swallowing is by utilizing over-the-counter medicines and residential cures. In case your sore throat isn’t extreme, it’s possible you’ll save your self a health care provider’s go to advert use the objects in your house to alleviate ache.

Ingesting loads of fluids will hold you hydrated whereas soothing and moistening your throat. Ingesting at the least eight cups of water a day will assist resolve your downside. Gargling saltwater behind your throat can even scale back swelling and ache. It’s finest to keep away from smoking with a sore throat to forestall the smoke from irritating and worsening the ache.

When To See a Physician

Painful swallowing usually resolves after just a few days to every week, particularly in the event you’re experiencing a standard chilly or an allergy flair-up. In case your sore throat and painful swallowing persist, it’s finest to see knowledgeable to find out the trigger and supply ample remedy.

You need to see a health care provider if any of the next factors are related to you:

  • The reason for ache is unknown
  • The ache is getting worse
  • The ache lasted greater than every week
  • You see a patch of white spots behind your throat
  • You’re experiencing uncommon drooling
  • You might have problem respiratory
  • You might have an issue opening your mouth

Doable Danger Elements To Take into account

Anybody can get a sore throat, however just a few elements make you extra prone:

  • Weakened immune system
  • Allergy symptoms
  • Age; youngsters ages 3 to fifteen are most probably to expertise painful swallowing and sore throats
  • Publicity to tobacco smoke
  • Publicity to chemical irritants
  • Continual sinus infections

If over-the-counter drugs and residential cures are solely serving to quickly, it’s possible you’ll must e book an appointment together with your native ENT skilled. Allergy & ENT Associates has 16 areas within the Houston space devoted to treating people with ENT issues. Ebook an appointment with us in the present day to get solutions to your whole questions and issues. We’re enthusiastic about serving to our sufferers with our experience and information.

For questions or extra info, contact us in the present day at (713) 561-3504.

Why Is It Painful To Swallow? 7 Possible Causes

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