Bee Sting – OET Roleplay

Bee Sting – OET Roleplay

Setting : Emergency department

You’re the charge nurse in the Emergency department and are talking to a man who was stunk by many bees while gardening. His hands, face and ankle are swollen , red and itchy. He is very nervous and is worried that the reactions get worse over time. You suspect the patient is going into anaphylaxis reaction.


1. Try to calm the patient .

2. Ask the patient to elaborate what really happened.

3. Try to respond positively when the patient arises his fear of death and tell that you many administer an Epi-pen antihistamine injection immediately .

4. Inform the patient that he is under control right now (he is bit more calm and the swelling is coming down)

5. Ask the patient how he is going home (anyone to assist, arrange a cab if needed)

6. Advise the patient to take adequate rest and apply benadryl cream you have given him.

7. Advise the patient to seek medical attention incase things have not normalized within 12 hours .