Natural Dog Allergy Solution | Nzymes

Natural Dog Allergy Solution | Nzymes

Does your dog have itchy skin? Does he lick himself crazy? Are you wondering if the problem is really allergies?

Get the Help that can really make a difference – finally:

You take your dog to the vet and they say he has allergies and usually prescribe steroids, antibiotics and/or other medications – and it most likely hasn’t worked. Why? – Veterinarians define an “allergy” as the overreaction of the immune system – so when they see your dog’s immune system over-reacting this way (itching, scratching, hot spots, etc.) they automatically assume allergies. What is often missed is the overgrowth of yeast that is happening within your dog’s digestive tract… And this is what causes the immune system to over-react. The majority of these skin problems in dogs are a direct result of this overgrowth of yeast or leaky gut syndrome…

To learn the 5 simple steps to helping your dog overcome these skin issues, click here: