Pet Stain Removal Athens GA | Citrus Solution Carpet Cleaning

Pet Stain Removal Athens GA | Citrus Solution Carpet Cleaning

CitruSolution Carpet Cleaning Athens offers carpet, rug and upholstery cleaning services for both residential and commercial customers.

Two of the differences between CitruSolution and other carpet cleaners are 1) our exclusive product, CitruSolution, is NOT SOAPY nor FOAMY so it does NOT leave a STICKY residue in your carpet. (The #1 problem we run into with carpet, typically dark spots in the carpet that often “reappearing spot.”)

And 2) We do not give estimates. We give EXACT-imates because we would like to know we would be paying for a service, not a guess or a “starting/minimum” price.

CitruSolution Carpet Cleaning does not have any hidden fees or charges, EVER! NO TRIP CHARGE, NO FUEL CHARGE, NO EXTRA CHARGES FOR SPOTS, STAINS OR HEAVILY SOILED CARPET.

We are also proud to offer FOREVER PRICING

You scheduled a CLEANING, it shouldn’t cost EXTRA if it is DIRTY!

Just a flat rate per room with NO UP-SELLS! You can actually make out the check before we even get there. PLUS if the technician tries to charge you more than your EXACT-imate, your carpet cleaning is FREE. If you are calling around ask the “other guys” if it is okay to do that!!


Great for pet problems and accidents. No SOAPY STICKY RESIDUE!