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Only a Mosquito Chew, or One thing Worse?


With summer time upon us, sadly, pesky mosquitoes include the gorgeous climate and enjoyable. For many people, mosquito bites are an inconvenience that doesn’t alter our lives. If we will resist the urge to itch and scratch, the chunk goes away by itself. However for some, mosquito bites are far more depressing and intense. These robust and lasting reactions could be known as “Skeeter Syndrome.”

Skeeter Syndrome vs. Regular Chew

How will you inform in case your mosquito chunk is affected by Skeeter Syndrome?

In accordance with Allergychoices’ Pharmacist Maci Sprosty, PharmD, “Most people who find themselves bitten by mosquitos are going to react with an area allergic response. The severity of signs goes to be the indicator of a typical response versus somebody with skeeter syndrome. Somebody with skeeter syndrome goes to have an exaggerated or extreme response.”

Signs could be:

  • Bruising close to chunk
  • Infected, bigger than 1 / 4
  • Hives
  • Fever and headache


Methods to Defend Your self

Take away Mosquito Habitats
  • Preserve swimming pool water handled and circulating
  • Empty or change the water in chook baths, fountains, rain barrels, and potted plant trays
  • Remove standing water round your property the place mosquitos can breed
Use Applicable Obstacles and Pesticides
  • Contact native mosquito service to forestall breeding
  • Cowl all gaps in partitions, doorways, and home windows
  • Be certain that home windows and door screens are in good working order
Keep away from Getting Bit
  • Preserve mosquitoes away from uncovered pores and skin by carrying long-sleeved shirts, lengthy pants, and socks
  • Keep indoors when attainable, particularly through the night and evening
  • Exchange lights with “bug lights” to draw fewer mosquitoes


Is Immunotherapy an Possibility for Skeeter Syndrome?

The reply is sure! In accordance with Michael B. Kachel, RPh, Allergychoices’ Director of Pharmacy, “Allergy drops are an choice for treating skeeter syndrome when it’s a real allergy. Sufferers can get examined to confirm {that a} mosquito allergy is the perpetrator.”

Get Began with Customized Allergy Drop Immunotherapy

We might help you discover a supplier close to you who’s skilled within the La Crosse Technique Protocol for sublingual immunotherapy so you can begin your journey to a happier, more healthy life.

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