I’m sharing my favourite vegan or allergy friendly snacks for kids today, approved by my kid ! My son has severe allergies to dairy, eggs, nuts, and fish so we use many alternatives so he can have fun kid snacks. We also have quite the collection of fun kid recipes like mac and cheese, grilled cheese, french toast, etc. so if you’re interested in seeing that please let me know in the comments. If you’re interested, please subscribe, I upload videos every Sunday and Thursday at noon 😀

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o P R O D U C T S I N T H I S V I D E O o
1. Kirkland Brand Soy Milk – Available at Costco
2. Natura Strawberry or Chocolate Soy Milk
3. Belsoy Chocolate Pudding
4. Made Good Granola Bars
5. Yummy D’Oh – Available at Costco
6. CHAO Cheese – Available at Costco
7. Riviera Coconut Yogurt – Available at Costco
8. Coconut Whipped Cream – Available at Health food stores
9. Dandies Mini Marshmallows –
10. Haagen Daaz Chocolate Fudge Truffle – Available at grocery stores
11. Mini Oreo Snack packs – Available at grocery stores
12. Kirkland brand Chocolate Chips – Available at Costco

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Hello everyone! I’m a SAHM mom of two little men, and I make videos about motherhood. Everything from pregnancy to taking care of babies and toddlers, as well as house organization, cleaning and makeovers. I will also be doing vlogs of my life. If you’re interested then please like and subscribe, and comment down below what you would be interested in seeing and I would be happy to film it!

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