First Aid For Insect Sting

First Aid For Insect Sting

In this video I will discuss about the First Aid For Insect sting.


Play park with greenery is a place where children normally come in contact with insects. Out of curiosity children tend to touch the insects which could lead to being bitten by them. In some cases, insects like bees and ants can bite the children when they cross their path. These insect bites cause red and swollen spots. Some children are allergic to insect bite would require immediate medical support or advice.

Steps to be taken treat insect bite,

1. Remove the poison sac with a scraper if the sting has left behind

2. Treat with antihistamine cream or cool with calamine lotion or a cold compressor relieves the pain

3. A sting inside the mouth is more dangerous as this result in swelling of throat which may cause difficulty in breathing.

4. Provide the casualty with sips of cold water or an ice cube to suck.

5. Place a wet cloth against the neck to reduce swelling.

6. Take immediate medical advice.

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