Woodturning a Silver Maple Bowl (With Nautical Design)

Woodturning a Silver Maple Bowl (With Nautical Design)

Woodturning this silver maple bowl with a nautical design.

Some products and equipment I use:

Micro-mesh pads:
Hut High Gloss Pen Polish:

Woodturning Tools and Equipment:
Laguna Revo 1836 Lathe:
Robert Sorby Turning Tools:
Carter and Son 5/8 Bowl Gouge:
Ron Brown’s Universal Setting Jig (for getting proper degrees when sharpening tools)
Easy Wood Tools:
Face Shield:
Center Finder (great tool):
Bullseye Round Center Finder 10″:
Wood Moisture Meter:
Jet Air Filter for Shop – A MUST have:
Bowl Sander Kit (I use this all the time, great product):
My newest addition – Dewalt Planer – LOVE it!:

Resin and Pigments:
Total Boat Resin:
Black Diamond Mica Powder Pigments:
Pearl Ex Powdered Pigment – Micropearl:
Pearl Ex Powdered Pigment – Emerald:
Pearl Ex Pigments Metallics (Set of 6):
Pearl Ex Pigments (Set of 32):
Tuck Tape (good for resin work, will not stick):
Porter Cable Heat Gun (To pop resin bubbles):
Starbond CA Glue:

Sanding Sealer (awesome stuff!):
Dewalt Orbital Sander:
Workbench Kit (easy build and sturdy):
Nova Chuck – Super Nova:
The BEST paper towels for woodturning!:
Anchorseal 2 – Green Wood Sealer:
Montana Crackle Spray Paint – Black:
Montana Metallic Effect Spray Paint – Black:
Acks Sanding Paste:
Milliput – Black:
Conway Air Purifier (I use this in my house, in case any allergens come up from basement shop. This thing is great, especially if you or someone you live with has any allergies)
Contemporary Woodturning Book (great book):

Video Equipment:
Canon DSLR for Recording Videos (a great camera too!):
Joby Grip iPhone Holder for filming:
Mic Stand (I use for mounting iphone /joby grip when filming–great product and not expensive)
Thread adapter for mic stand (to mount iphone):
Light for filming – 18-inch ring light – dimmable:

More ways to follow PF Woodturning:


Please watch: “How I use Milliput in Woodturning!”